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Make Your Water Heater Last Longer

Make Your Water Heater Last Longer

Plumbers In Essex have gathered the best three tips on how to make your water heater last longer and have more years lifetime. With this few simple steps, you can increase the lifespan of your water heaters and have them run more efficiently.

1. Flush the water heater tank annually

Almost all water heater manufacturers will recommend flushing the water heater tank annually. Draining the tank will remove the sediment that has collected at the bottom of the tank which will allow the burner to work more efficiently.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct procedure for draining your model of water heater.

2. Check the anode rod and replace it if needed

The anode rod hangs in the tank to help prevent its inside from rusting out. It should be checked annually when the tank is drained. Replacing a badly corroded rod is far cheaper than replacing the water heater. Without a good anode rod, hot water will rapidly corrode the inside of the tank, shortening its life. Learn more about anode rod click here.

3. Insulate the water heater tank

This is a step you only have to do once. Wrapping your water heater in a blanket of insulation can improve it’s efficiency up to 40 percent.
If you want more tips you and if you have questions, you can give us a call or visit our website Chelmsford Plumbing and Heating.


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